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QSL NDT is committed to servicing your Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) needs with a complete range of traditional and advanced services. Specializing in the Oil & Gas, Pipeline, and Nuclear Power industries, QSL NDT's vast service offerings are supported by highly trained and experienced personnel, including certified crews to support drilling and pipeline operations as well as strategic regional locations supporting the Marcellus and other shale opportunities.

Driven by those services capabilities, as well as comprehensive products and software offerings, QSL NDT operates as a single-source NDT solutions provider ‑ whether you require traditional Radiography Testing (RT), internal crawlers, or fully Automated Ultrasonic (AUT) or Acoustic Emission (AE) systems. And with turnkey solutions QSL NDT is a major partner dedicated to helping you meet critical project requirements.

  • Traditional NDT
  • Advanced NDT
  • Pipeline new construction
  • Pipeline integrity services
  • Interruptible call out service
  • Bell hole technicians
  • PMI/Carbon analysis
  • Third-party inspection
  • RT crawler
  • Digital radiography
  • Conventional film digitization
  • Welder/procedure qualification (in‑house and mobile)
  • AUT inspection
  • Large structure (tank) inspection
  • Valve leak detection

Hall of Fame

Volume 37 | June 2009

"More Than Just
Your Typical Inspection
Service Provider"

Hall of Fame

Volume 38 | May 2010

"Leading the Pipeline Industry,
One Crawler at a Time"

Hall of Fame

Volume 39 | June 2011

"Proves to be
a Driving Force in
the Shale Gas Initiative"

Hall of Fame

Volume 41 | April 2013

"Provides Cutting Edge Look
at Pipeline Radiography"